The Fiber Project

The Fiber Project is a web-store that I build using WordPress and the WooCommerce storefront theme. I took all the images and created all the content for the pages. It is a fully functioning online store where I sell my handwoven textiles.

Homepage for The Fiber Project

The homepage contains a hero photo at the top with a link to the online store. When the user scrolls down the page there is a section that highlights why The Fiber Project products are unique. Under that section there is a link to the About Me page that has a story about The Fiber Project and Kira, the creator. The homepage also showcases some products and finally the footer with a newsletter signup.

Product List Page

I separated the shop section into 3 main categories based off the products I make. Once the user clicks on a category it will take them to a page with all the items in that category, in this example it is all the scarves.

Scarves Page

In addition to building the website, I also created the logo and all marketing materials.

Original The Fiber Project Logo

Since the creation of the website I have modified the logo from the original design above to the currant design below. I wanted a cleaner design that was easier to read.

Currant The Fiber Project Logo
Goose-eye Pattern

I created the logo based on a popular weave structure called goose-eye. The logo is modular so the icon and brandname can be used independent of each other. I wanted to be able to use just the icon for product tags that would be sewn onto textiles like hats and bags.

Illustration of Faux Leather Product Tag with Company Icon
Illustration of Faux Leather Product Tag with Company Icon

For the product hang tags I arranged the logo so the hole is punched in the corner, creating a diamond appearance that mimics the goose-eye pattern.

Product Hang Tags

The business card uses the logo on the front as well as the company tagline …to be handed down. There is also a short description of The Fiber Project mission, handwoven heirloom quality textiles. The backside contains the icon and contact information.

The Fiber Project Business Card