Jon MacAvoy

Jon MacAvoy is a website for an independent insurance agent located in central Pennsylvania. It was created for an HTML course at Harrisburg Area Community College and follows specific criteria on layout. I created all content, navigation, and most of the style sheet.

The website utilizes bootstrap to create a responsive 3 column layout. I used Photoshop to create a wireframe of the template used for the webpages.

The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator. I also designed business cards that used the logo and website colors using Adobe InDesign.

Homepage for Jon MacAvoy

The homepage introduces the subject of the website, Jon MacAvoy, and briefly describes his Insurance business plans and location.

HTML Coded Form

The contact form was created by using HTML to code form input fields, radio buttons and checkboxes, a text field, and reset/ submit buttons.

HTML Embedded Videos

The Why Get Life Insurance page uses the HTML <iframe> tag to embed two videos from YouTube that help a customer determine if and what type of Life Insurance is appropriate.

screen capture of page from the Jon MacAvoy Insurance website.
HTML Coded Ordered List

Where to Start was a page that was created to learn how to code an ordered list in HTML. The page is used to help people determine if Jon MacAvoy would be able to help them with an insurance plan.

HTML Code Table

The Medicare Advantage page focused on coding in HTML a responsive table. The middle column contains the table and compares the benefits between Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare.

HTML Coded Carousel Image Gallery

The About page included a HTML and CSS coded carousel gallery page that contains 6 images that were resized and edited in Photoshop.