The Weaver & The Dream

Currently, The Fiber Project is a one woman show.  It's the small business of a person learning how to operate a business for the first time. The studio is located on the top floor of a house, but it wants to be more.  The Dream, a community textile center where people can gather to create.    

My home is located in Harrisburg, PA. It's always interesting for me to look back at all the steps that have lead to me being here. A city with beauty, but not one I ever thought of living in. Really any city for that matter. I graduated from Kutztown University. The school is on the edge of a small town surrounded by homesteads, farms, and forest. Two days after receiving my BFA in painting I went to live and work on a vegetable and herb farm with my love. It was during this time that I started learning about the plant kingdom, natural dyes, and spinning yarn. A few years later I interned on a sheep and angora goat farm learning about animal husbandry, homesteading, and running a fiber business. After the internship was over I got a job working at Gurdy Run Wool Mill.  The week I started I saw my first birth of a sheep. I loved it and stayed for four years. The mill was located half an hour away from Harrisburg. My love and I would visit frequently and eventually moved here to be closer to his work. Moving here opened up the opportunity to be part of a new project in Harrisburg, The Millworks. The Millworks housed artists studios, a farm to table restaurant, and a gallery.  It was a great experience being part of The Millworks, but I gave up my space to spend four months living and weaving in western Massachusetts. 

I had the opportunity of being part of the first  Väv Immersion class. My teacher and master weaver, Becky Ashenden lived and studied weaving in Sweden. During the class she taught us traditional Swedish weaving methods and shared stories of her time abroad.  The stories left me longing for a community weaving center where people would gather, work on projects, and have access to equipment.