Madder Grid Wool Blanket

Madder Grid Wool Blanket


This blanket is a true beauty. It was woven using yarn spun from local sheep and llamas. The red stripes are dyed using the root of the madder plant. 

For four years I worked at a wool mill. My job involved handling lots of fiber and processing it into yarn.  The grey wool was the first yarn run I put together and processed for my own collection.  It is spun from local sheep and alpaca fleeces that were blended with bamboo fiber.  The result is a warm and shiny yarn. 

I wove the blanket in a twill structure. This creates a slightly dense fabric that will keep you warm on those cold days.  

When it's not on your body drape it over the couch, chair, or bed for a lovely accent. 

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72"x 32"

Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent when necessary. Do not machine wash or dry as it will cause irreversible shrinkage.  Air dry and steam press to remove wrinkles.