Tow Linen Table Square

Tow Linen Table Square


Linen is truly a gorgeous fiber. It's durable, super shinny, and crisp. Tow is the part of the fiber that is removed during the hackling stage of processing fiber. It is shorter then line linen lending the yarn spun from it more texture. The linen yarn used in this table square is produced in Sweden, using the highest quality flax crops. 

Let this table square brighten up your living space with its aqua blues and greens. Take it with you and have a picnic outside.  Throw a dinner party and let it be that extra special touch to the table.  


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100% Tow Linen 


Hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent if necessary. I recommend air drying as heat weakens and breaks linen. To bring out the best qualities of linen cold mangle while slightly damp. A marble rolling pin can also be used in place of a cold mangle.